Navio™ UKR Surgery

The Navio™ surgical system combines a planning and navigation platform that presents to the surgeon a virtual cutting guide with detailed visualization and an intelligent hand-held instrument which enables the precision of robotics in the hand of the surgeon. The system is built on an open implant-architecture platform, allowing for multiple supported implant systems.

Surgical Planning and Navigation

Navio™ UKR surgical software incorporates a CT-free approach with intra-operative planning. Advanced algorithms provide real-time feedback detailing implant placement, kinematics and range of motion. A navigation system camera overlooks the surgery and feeds information to update the visualization that is presented to the surgeon.

Robotic-assisted PFS™ Bone Preparation

The Navio™ surgical system packs advanced robotic technology into a hand-held form factor. The Navio handpiece embodies multiple intelligent control algorithms that allow the surgeon to precisely resurface bone based on a predefined plan. Coupled with navigation tracking real-time position of the hand-piece and the patient, precision freehand sculpting allows only the targeted bone to be removed while the robotics enforces a safety zone.

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