Our Vision

Blue Belt Technologies was founded on the principle that patient care can be improved through advancing the technology and capability of surgeons’ tools. Our commitment to forging strong relationships within the physician community allows us to collaborate on a broad range of applications that will include hip, knee, spine and skull-based opportunities. Our proprietary technology can improve minimally invasive techniques in orthopedics, providing physicians with consistency and accuracy through a myriad of intelligent hand-held tools. We are committed to reducing healthcare costs and burden on the healthcare system through advancing the state of the art. Finally, by embracing open architecture solutions, Blue Belt hopes to enable the development of more advanced solutions to patients’ problems.

We’re Here for You

Our commitment is first to the patients and users of our technology, anticipating and meeting their needs by developing products and service of the highest quality. Driven by our customers, we focus on providing surgeons the precision of robotics, enabling them to restore a patient’s quality of life. We are responsible next to our incredible employees. We focus on offering an environment that is supportive and challenging in pursuit of a shared vision of health care that leverages advanced technology for the benefit of the patient. Finally we are committed to our communities, to being a good neighbor and corporate citizen. We live, work and walk with those people whose health and well-being may benefit from our technology.